Knowledge Graph Examples in each Peircean Category

The “Navigating Description Logic Knowledge Graphs” shown above is an overview of the Studio currently under development in the OTTER project. In the Studio, all visualizations are Knowledge Graphs (KGs) appropriate to each Peircean category. The following are examples from the Studio utilizing the Graphviz product for directed and undirected graphs from a pizza store simulation:

Layered Domains

A digital twin would be defined by a single domain having multiple imports of other domains. The specific imported domains may also import and extend other domains.

In this KG the PizzaStores innovation domain was selected to show its import layers of nineteen business domains and two academia domains.

Possibility KGs

Possibility shows the content of the Tbox by selecting one or more domains.

The PizzasMeta domain shows the classes, data properties, and object properties of this domain. This KG includes class inheritance as dashed lines and relationships with the REAConvert and StoresMeta domains.

Classes, data properties, and object properties may be selected from a Tbox domain for visualization.

The atomic structure of a class within the PizzaStores domain.

The atomic structure of a data property within the PizzaStores domain.

The atomic structure of an object property within the PizzaStores domain.


The structure of classes, data properties, and object properties held by existing facts within a domain.

The actually held structures within the Pizzas domain.

These structures may be used to visually produce a query to retrieve data from the Abox database.

Above is a query to retrieve existing facts from the Pizza domain.

The resulting directed graph from the query above.

The resulting undirected graph from the query above.


The components of Service Component Architect describing implementation with parameters and service components. Components have service with request and response graphs and reference send and receive graphs.

Multiple domains from Pizza Stores shown service Components and their reference / service connections.

The Pizza Stores Simulation Assembly of eight components.

The ContractServices component is shown with services provided on the left, and service references on the right. Buttons below a service link to request and response KGs. Buttons below a reference link to send and receive KGs.

The ContractServices component above Service Request Message for OrderFromMenu.

The Service Response graph of the ContractServices component for OrderFromMenu service.

Implementation of simple test service defined in Business Process Execution Language.