Peircean Categories Visualization

The Otter Studio provides visualization and edit for the Peircean Categories. Visualization is presented in the form of graphs dynamically produced by GraphViz. For a quick overview of examples see: Knowledge Graph Examples in each Peircean Category

Otter Studio has the following header:

Each of the images to the right of the Otter Studio logo, present the building blocks and details for each category selected.

Studio Imports

Click on the import layers to view the import structure of selected domain inputs. See: Knowledge Domain Layers

Selection of this image will present two windows. The window on top shows the selected domain module inputs, layered by Digital Twin, Business, Academia, and Universal. The window at the bottom shows the totals of the details within each of the Peircean Categories.


Click on Possibility to view and edit the ontology TBox. See: Possibility – Ontology TBox

TBox building blocks are made visible in the left window and the detail of a selected block is shown in the right window.


Click on Actuality to view and query the ontology ABox. See: Actuality – Abox DB Query

ABox building blocks are made visible in the left window and a class expression query can be created in the right window. The query can then be submitted to receive a response in another window in the form of a graph.


Select Necessity to view and edit the services of one or more domains. See: Necessity – SCA Components

The left window shows the components of the domains selected. The right window shows the detail of a selected component.


Click on AI to execute domain services. See: AI – Execute Computer Logic

Selected domain socket and plug components are shown in the left window. The right window shows the request graph of a selected component service. The request graph may be modified to specify specific values. Then, the request may then be sent to the service and the graph response will be shown in a separate window.

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